VP Maskinfabrik A/S

Man before machine
VP Maskinfabrik A / S today appears as a versatile and modern company with many areas of expertise offering metal machining of larger and smaller series within CNC milling and CNC turning in almost all kinds of materials.
We employ over 30 well-trained employees with cutting machining and have 10 robotic cells with up to 9 axle machining.

Series production

Vi kan tilbyde at fremstille serier fra 10 stk. til 500 stk. og med mulighed for helt op til 9-akset CNC bearbejdning.

Low prices

We have chosen to automate production with more and more robot cells and multi machines, so we can get production price down.


We have years of experience in machining. Topic types are everything from machine parts, tool items, prototypes, to reworking of molded items.

CNC Milling

Vi kan CNC bearbejde emner på op til 3000x1200x1000. Både 3 og 4 akset.

CNC Turning.

Vi kan CNC bearbejde fra Ø40 til Ø800 med helt op til 9-akset bearbejdning.


Our control department is climate controlled, so our subjects and checking gauges maintains a constant temperature of 20 °.

We can assist with more.

If you need a staircase, balcony or other blacksmiths construction or do you need Mould, Cutting & punching tools.


Selection of some of the metal parts we have produced.


We have references and many years of experience in the following industries: