Control dept.


Milled stainless induser

VP Maskinfabrik A/S is ISO 9001 certified and therefore we are expanding  our control department much these years because of the ascending demand for metal items of very high quality.

Almost all of the materials we order for processing, is with material certification and are fully traceable back to the foundry. More and more of our customers order 100% inspection on all items in a production. But otherwise, doing our control staff always random checks in the production of the series we producer, to catch any overlooked operator error.

Our control department is 100% climate controlled, so all the things we manufacture and our checking measuring tool always maintains a constant temperature of 20 °.

The Control department has many custom-made control tools for the regular series we manufacture. We have almost everything in measurement tools, hardness- and roughness tester, and we have 2 pieces of 3D Measuring Machine with the newest software, so we can make a very detailed measurement report of our manufactured items.

3D Målemaskine

Brown & Sharpe


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CE Johansson 400 x 700 x 400 Brown & Sharpe 700 x 700 x 500