VP Maskinfabrik A/S

VP Maskinfabrik A/S. Our turning department anno 2017


VP Maskinfabrik A/S has many years of experience in CNC machining, since we have been on CNC wave right from the start.

Our first CNC lathe was purchased in 1988, and was a fine new Colchester. It has since been replaced and today we have about 25 OKUMA- and YCM-machining centers, spread out on CNC milling machine and CNC lathes with the newest technology and with the possibility of up to 9 axis machining.

We have chosen to automate our production with more and more robot cells and multi machines, so we have the ability to run many unmanned hours a day, so our production cost can be kept down.

Within CNC turning and CNC milling, we use the newest machining techniques, as well as all our machines are update with the latest tools, and the latest software, so we are always “up to date” in the field of metalworking.

Our machining centers and 5 axis turning / milling center is connected to the Mastercam 3D / Simultaneous milling. This means that we programs directly on the 3D file and will therefore have no typing errors, and we can simulate the machining and catch the error before they occur in the machine.

In coarse features, we have 2500m2 top modern production area, divided into 2 halls, the “CNC milling hall” and a “CNC turning hall”. Our “CNC turning hall” is furnished with six robot cells for unmanned production optimization. Where our “CNC Milling hall” more is furnished with horizontal shaft 3-4 CNC milling machine with pallets for unmanned production optimization.

ISO9001 rule says that our data need to be backup at least once a day. So all CNC programs / Cam-data and CAD data, way back to the year 2000, is safe on our server under customer name and product number.

At one end of our “Turning hall” lies our climate control department. Here we have 2, 3D measuring machines and alot of measurement tools so that we are able to make a full measurement report of all our productions.

Our control employee, makes continuous control during the manufacturing of all our productions.

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